Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth! Advice From Your Holistic dentist in Mitcham

We all know water is essential for our physical and mental health, but what benefits does H20 have for our teeth!  If you need yet another reason to reach for the water bottle, read on to find out how staying hydrated can help keep your mouth healthy and your teeth looking great.

Why dentists in Mitcham recommend drinking more water

It’s normal for food to get stuck to your teeth or in those hard-to-reach gaps in your mouth. If left untouched, cavity-causing bacteria will feast on the leftover food and turn it into acid, which then eats away at the tooth enamel. When brushing isn’t an option, drinking water is a great way to help wash away any food residue before bacteria has a chance to get started. Plus, drinking water helps to dilute the acid in your mouth, lowering the pH level and helping to keep your enamel protected.

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A free fluoride fix for your teeth

We all have fluoridated drinking water supplies available, which means most of us are lucky enough to have this naturally-occurring mineral on tap. Fluoride is great for keeping tooth decay at bay, as it strengthens the enamel and helps it become resistant to acids created by bacteria in the mouth. That’s why in addition to using a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, dentists in Mitcham recommend drinking eight glasses of fluoridated water a day to help keep your teeth strong and free of decay.

Prevent a dry mouth

Water helps to keep your mouth hydrated, which is essential to keeping it healthy. That’s because not only does a dry mouth feel unpleasant, but having a lack of saliva also leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay. Saliva is important for a number of reasons, and it’s actually 99% water. We need saliva to wash away leftover food, swallow and distribute fluoride, phosphate and calcium around our teeth.

More reasons to drink up

Last but not least, water is a great alternative to sugar-laden sodas and juices, which can be detrimental to dental health, so the next time you’re tempted to go for something sweet and fizzy, reach for a glass of tooth-loving water instead.

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