There has been a huge shift in the industry away from metal fillings both in terms of precious gold and workhorse silver/mercury amalgams. This has been largely to do with the demand for a more aesthetic material but also as the industry has become more environmentally conscious, there was a drive to reduce production of toxic mercury waste. There are a few alternatives for restoring teeth with a tooth coloured material. We offer resin composite, glass porcelain and ceramic restorative materials for long term fillings and crowns. Resin composites are an affordable option and modern materials are reasonably long lasting. They are made of a plastic resin base with particles of silica or ceramic mixed in. In recent years there has been a demand for BPA (Bisphenol A) free resins due to some scientific evidence that it may cause a detriment to health. Due to lack of consensus on the matter we prefer to be on the safe side. The resin composite materials we use are produced in Germany from a large reputable company. The material uses a different chemistry and ceramic fillers to eliminate the need for BPA in the manufacturing process. For teeth that require stronger fillings or capping, we use ceramic and glass porcelain materials which are 100% biocompatible with no BPA used in the manufacturing process.

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