Orthodontics treatment is more common these days than ever before, thanks to significant reductions in orthodontic treatment cost in recent years as technology continues to advance. This has made orthodontics treatment more accessible to a wider range of families, allowing them to achieve beautiful, straight teeth at minimal cost. Get in touch with the team at Holistic Dental Donvale today to learn more about orthodontic braces and how they can help you.

Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth with Orthodontic Braces Treatment

The benefits of orthodontic treatment go well beyond just aesthetics. Of course, improving the appearance of their smile is a primary reason many people choose to get braces, but there are a number of other benefits as well. When your teeth are misaligned, it can put uneven pressure on your jaw, possibly resulting in pain or discomfort. In addition, this uneven pressure can cause your teeth to wear down in areas where they shouldn’t, weakening the structure of your teeth and putting you at greater risk of cavities and other damage.

When your teeth are crooked, they may overlap in some areas. This can make it much more difficult to clean your teeth properly, leading to tooth decay over time. You may also have gaps between some of your teeth. While this may not cause dental problems, it can contribute to speech impediments, like whistling when making certain sounds. Straightening your teeth can assist in remedying these issues.

Improving the appearance of your smile can have mental health benefits as well, particularly for teens in their formative years. When your teeth are straighter, you may find that you smile more frequently, which can help to boost your mood. You’ll also have more self-confidence, as you’ll no longer be self-conscious about having crooked teeth. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, it is amazing how much better you’ll feel in other areas of your life as well.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Braces are a system of small metal brackets attached to each tooth. These brackets are then connected using firm wires. Your orthodontist can then adjust those wires to apply gentle pressure to the brackets, in turn moving your teeth into the proper position. The adjustments are small, so you typically won’t experience any pain in the process, though you may feel a bit of discomfort in the first few days after each adjustment. As your teeth begin to shift, though, this discomfort will fade. After a few days, you won’t even notice that you are wearing braces any more.

After you have completed your orthodontic treatment and your orthodontist has removed the braces, you’ll wear removable retainers to help keep the teeth in place. You can remove the retainers in order to eat, but it is best to wear them as much as possible to solidify your teeth in their new positions. Over time, you’ll be able to shift to only wearing your retainers at night, eventually eliminating the need for them altogether.

Orthodontic Braces Treatment in Donvale

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