Should I Use a Mouthwash? Professional Advice from Your Dentist in Donvale

Although it should never take the place of proper brushing and flossing, mouthwash can play a valuable role in your oral hygiene programme. Find out more about how to incorporate mouthwash into your routine below. What are the benefits of using a mouthwash? A mouthwash not only freshens your mouth and breath – it has many dental benefits, too. Even the act of rinsing can help to dislodge food debris and remove sugars left over after a meal. Depending on the type of mouthwash you choose,... +Read More

Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Mouth? How to Use Gum in Between Your Dental Checkups in Donvale

Chewing gum is immensely popular as a sweet fix in between meals. It has an irresistibly minty flavour that can quickly freshen up your mouth, too. Research has also shown that chewing gum isn’t just good for your breath or your waistline – it has health benefits for your whole mouth as well. But can you really chew your way to a healthier smile? We take a look at some of the ways chewing gum can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy in between checkups. Choose your gum wisely First ... +Read More

Tell Your Dentist If You Have Allergies

From eating well, to regular brushing and flossing, paying close attention to your teeth and gums is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Regular checkups at the dentist are an important piece of the puzzle, with qualified professionals able to identify cavities and other issues before they create additional problems.When visiting your dentist in Donvale, it's important to be upfront about any potential issues that may affect your health. Known allergies need to be addressed, espe... +Read More

How Your Dental Health Impacts You

Your dental health affects you in multiple ways, some of which are more obvious than others. From the integrity of your mouth and gums to cardiovascular and respiratory health, looking after your teeth offers numerous benefits throughout your body. Dental health can also impact mental health, with good teeth and friendly smiles, known to have a positive effect on confidence and self-esteem.When you understand the far-reaching implications of dental health, you are more likely to make sma... +Read More

Should I Use A Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is marketed as a necessity for dental hygiene alongside toothpaste and dental floss. But is it really necessary? And how and when should you use mouthwash to get the most benefits?Here’s what the experts at our dental clinic in Donvale have to say about mouthwash. Is Mouthwash Really Necessary? For most people with relatively healthy teeth and gums who brush properly, mouthwash isn’t necessary.Brushing your teeth with toothpaste twice a day and flossing daily should b... +Read More

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Everyone knows that eating too much sugar can be bad for your health. Our dentists in Donvale see many dental problems that are caused by sugary drinks and snacks. But how does sugar affect your teeth exactly? Why Sugar Is Bad for Your Teeth There’s a direct link between sugar consumption and tooth decay. Several studies have found that children with a high sugar diet tend to have more dental caries than those who consume less sugar.The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends tha... +Read More

Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

The energy drinks market in Australia is massive. The leading companies spend millions of dollars per year to get their message across — and they are very successful. Unfortunately, while these drinks may be tasty, they are not very good for your teeth. And if you rely on one (or more) of these to get you through your day, you may be setting yourself up for trouble. Limiting Sugar In an ideal world, you should limit the amount of processed sugar in your diet. The World Health Organisatio... +Read More
Should I Wear a Night Guard?

Should I Wear a Night Guard?

Do you and someone whom you share a bed with, have trouble sleeping through the whole night? This may be due to a problem known as bruxism, which can be a real issue for the sufferer and their companion and the solution to this could be a night guard. Clenching and Grinding If you suffer from bruxism, you may grind your teeth at night without knowing it. You will, subconsciously, bite down with a great deal of force for long periods, and often, your jaw will move back and forth as well. Your s... +Read More
Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Over the years, people can lose some teeth due to injury or decay and, for one reason or another, may decide not to replace them. These days, however, there is every reason to consider a replacement because of the latest technology and dental expertise. If you have an imperfect smile due to tooth loss, here's why you should consider getting dental implants. Self-Consciousness Some people are very self-conscious when they talk or smile if they have one or more gaps in their dentition. They may ... +Read More
What Does Dental Cleaning Entail?

What Does Dental Cleaning Entail?

Most people understand how important it is to clean and floss each day. Both help ward off decay, eliminate any stubborn food particles, and improve oral health. Yet, it is equally important to schedule a professional dental cleaning from time to time at your local dental surgery. Why is this, and what can you expect during such an appointment? Expert Advice While you may think that your teeth and gums look OK during your daily appointment with your bathroom mirror, your local dentist in Donva... +Read More