At Holistic Dental Donvale we do not use any mercurycontaining or toxic materials in the treatment of our patients. We feel it is irresponsible to continue using environmentally hazardous materials when we have very good alternatives. We believe in removing the cause of disease, restoring the damage caused with biocompatible materials and long term maintenance of the restored teeth to give optimal longevity and healthy outcomes. Sometimes we must undo or repair old dentistry. This can be a difficult and daunting task as some patients have most of their teeth filled to the brim with mercury amalgam. While we do not advocate the unnecessary removal and replacement of these teeth, sometimes it needs to be done. When such a case presents, we do the treatment in a safe and contained manner. Our protocol for amalgam removal and retreatment involves using special water tight dams to isolate the treated teeth from the rest of the mouth. We then usespecialised drills/burs for cutting metal and high volume water jet to reduce the heat transmitted to the amalgam.This reduces the vapours released. High volume air evacuation units suction away the chunks of amalgam, vapour and contaminated water into an amalgam separating filter.External oxygen can also be provided for the patient if they require which eliminates practically all the risks of ingesting or inhaling mercury during such a procedure. The cleaned tooth is then restored using our planned restorative material back to a functioning and often more aesthetic tooth.

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