If you love the appearance of your smile and want to keep it that way, you need to schedule regular visits to your dentist in Donvale. They will give you plenty of tips to help you look after your teeth and ensure that you do not have any emerging problems to take care of. Yet, in between visits to your dental clinic in Donvale, there are other ways to protect those pearly whites and be proud of your appearance. Here are some tips to bear in mind.

Keeping Up with Your Hygiene

The most important thing to remember is oral hygiene. You should brush and floss at least twice per day to get rid of any stubborn food particles and clean your teeth as effectively as possible. Getting rid of that leftover food makes it hard for bacteria to flourish and compromise your oral health.

Avoiding “Bad” Food & Drink

You can also avoid certain drinks and food that could stain your teeth over time. These may include chocolate, red wine, coke, soy sauce, tea, and coffee. If you’d rather not go without entirely, try to reduce your intake. Steer clear of highly acidic foods, which can wear down the tooth enamel.

Getting Corrective Work at Your Dental Clinic in Donvale

Very few people have that perfect “Hollywood” smile. So don’t be disappointed if you need some work to deal with crooked or crowded teeth. Any serious crowding problems will make it hard for you to maintain a good cleaning regimen. Any larger gaps could also lead to changes in the bone structure, which could generate longer-term problems. Talk with your dentist in Donvale about aligners or other correction methods, where applicable.

Dealing with Bruxism

Some people suffer from bruxism, which often involves clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth at night. It’s often involuntary, but it puts significant stress on both the jaw and the teeth. It can lead to issues with enamel, cracking and TMJ, and you’ll want to avoid all of these issues where possible. You can certainly look after your teeth by getting a night guard from your dental clinic in Donvale.

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Avoiding Bad Habits

Don’t get into the habit of chewing on something as part of a nervous reaction. So many people gnaw on the end of a pen when they’re concentrating, but there’s always a risk of damage. You could chip or crack a tooth by doing this or scratch your gum line, allowing bacteria to get inside.

Getting More Advice

With some care and attention, you can look after your natural smile and avoid issues going forward. Still, if you are concerned at all, reach out to Holistic Dental in Donvale on 03 9842 6572 for their advice.

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