Many people lose teeth as they progress through life, perhaps by accident or to avoid bigger dental issues. Sometimes, the dentist will need to remove the offending molar due to damage or decay, and the patient may not opt for a replacement. Still, there’s good reason to take action to restore function and aesthetics, and in this case, patients can consider dental implants in Donvale. But what are they, and could they work in your situation?

Dental Implants in Donvale

A dental implant can take the place of a single missing tooth or form the basis for treatment, where several adjoining teeth are absent. The implant is meant to replicate both the design and function of a natural tooth, and it is formed of two separate parts — the implant’s anchor and a crown.

The implant itself will take the place of a natural root, a small, screw-like device typically made from titanium. Titanium fits well with the surrounding bone and will eventually foster a completely stable foundation in a process called osseointegration.

Adding the Crown

Once the implant is in place and has securely bonded to the surrounding bone, the dentist will add a crown. This can be made from various materials like porcelain, resin, metals or ceramics. It’s designed to fit snugly in place and, for all intents and purposes, will look and feel like the original tooth. The dentist will cement the crown in place and after a short period of time, the dentist in Donvale will advise to not overstress the tooth and you will be able to resume life as normal.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

The dentist will use a fixed bridge implant if you need to replace multiple adjacent teeth. They will insert a new implant on either end of the ‘gap’ to give a replacement bridge enhanced stability. Once again, the implants will stimulate the surrounding bone, and the bridge will then be made from artificial teeth designed to mimic your natural appearance.

Exploring Options

If you’re looking for a long-term and stable solution that can restore your chewing capability and reduce pain or discomfort, talk with your specialist about getting dental implants in Donvale. After all, in the worst-case scenario, your gums could start to shrink, putting additional pressure on the remaining teeth and making it quite difficult to chew. Dental implants are certainly a viable alternative to partial dentures and are a lot better than taking no action at all. For more details contact us now!!!

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