Most people understand how important it is to clean and floss each day. Both help ward off decay, eliminate any stubborn food particles, and improve oral health. Yet, it is equally important to schedule a professional dental cleaning from time to time at your local dental surgery. Why is this, and what can you expect during such an appointment?

Expert Advice

While you may think that your teeth and gums look OK during your daily appointment with your bathroom mirror, your local dentist in Donvale is the expert. They may be able to spot something that you didn’t and will undoubtedly be able to take a closer look at your gums’ health.

Slow Build-up

With time, tiny particles of food and bacteria may become trapped in a hard-to-reach area, and you may not notice this during your daily routine. Gum disease can develop as a result quite quickly and can have some far-reaching consequences if left unchecked. Gingivitis is the first risk and, ultimately, periodontal disease. This problem could lead to shrinking gums, jaw bone and even loose teeth, together with some other associated health risks.

How Long Does a Cleaning Take?

When you go in for a dental cleaning, you can expect the procedure to last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

The Process

You may get a topical anaesthetic to alleviate any discomfort before the clinician gets down to work. Then, they’ll want to get rid of any tartar that may have accumulated. This is a mineralised plaque that can build up slowly, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. Tartar is almost impossible to remove by yourself at home, but your hygienist will have ultrasonic equipment and other tools to make light work of it.

The clinician will also have a close look at your gums for any signs of early disease. They can measure any gum “pockets” for signs of infection, and if necessary, the dentist can prescribe an antibiotic.

If they are happy with the evaluation, they will then polish the teeth using a special tool that oscillates at a slow speed.

Should the hygienist find anything of concern during their close-up evaluation, they will make a further appointment for any necessary treatment. If not, you’ll be able to leave your dentist feeling fresh and happy that your mouth is as healthy as it can be.

Making an Appointment

If it has been some time since you last thought about anything dental, a Donvale hygienist such as Holistic Dental Donvale can take care of that for you. Make an appointment today for your peace of mind — call 03 9842 6675 or contact them using their enquiry form.


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