Think of all the things in life that make you smile or laugh – your family, a hobby you enjoy, that great joke your co-worker told last week. The list could go on.

Dental Implants in Melbourne and Donvale

And what physical part of your body is the centre of this smile?

Your mouth – or more specifically, your teeth.

This is something that you probably notice pretty soon after meeting people and they likely notice the same on you. Because of this, feeling confident in your smile contributes to feeling confident in your overall appearance.

Whether it is for health reasons, confidence reasons or a combination of both, dental implants are a great option for someone who is unhappy with their smile.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants so closely mimic real teeth, most people don’t even notice a difference when they meet someone with dental implants.

The process involves placing a fixed (permanent) or removable tooth and root structure, made to match the colour profile of your existing real teeth.

Dental Implants in Melbourne and Donvale: What are the benefits of getting dental implants?

Well, we are happy to tell you there are several advantages to dental implants:

1. Improved self-esteem.

As mentioned above, confidence in your smile contributes to overall confidence. Your smile plays such a huge part in your life and overall view of yourself. We want to ensure you love it. We want you to smile more simply because you are so proud of your teeth.

2. Improved oral health.

When it comes to a smile, it isn’t just about loving the physical appearance. Your oral health is actually the most important benefit of dental implants.

Your mouth is a direct opening into your body and can easily allow germs to eventually come in contact with vital organs. Because so many different issues can originate in your mouth, it is important to keep oral health at the top of your list.

Teeth and the surrounding gums can be a house for infections and various other diseases. If you are experiencing issues with your oral health, dental implants might be a good option to protect yourself.

3. Improved speech.

For some people, the shape and/or orientation of their teeth can actually cause a speech impediment. Dental implants allow your dental professional to correct this, helping you speak more clearly.

4. More comfort.

Teeth imperfections can cause oral pain and no one wants this! You use your mouth to talk, you use your mouth to eat and you use your mouth to drink — fundamental activities that should be comfortable and easy. Dental implants can be an option for solving some oral issues that might be problem spots for you.

Ultimately, these are just a few of the benefits. For more information on dental implants in Melbourne and Donvale, give us a call to set up a visit to determine what is best for you.


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