At Holistic Dental in Donvale, we prefer to take a different approach to dentistry. Although we use conventional treatments, we focus on those that work with our patients’ bodies rather than against them. If this is a concept that’s new to you, we’re going to explain how holistic dentistry works and the types of treatments you can benefit from.

Holistic Dental in Donvale

First, what is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a concept that started in 1978. After years of using harmful substances such as BPA and mercury in treatments, some dentists decided to use substances that don’t pose the same risks. Although many conventional treatments are still embraced, they’re upheld using holistic approaches that are known to be safer. If you’re looking for a dentist in Donvale who combines holistic and conventional approaches, you’ve come to the right place.

Fillings that are free from amalgam and BPA

One type of filling that has been used for decades is the amalgam filling. Although you may hear people refer to it as a metal filling, you may not be aware that it contains up to 50% mercury.

Some studies have found that those who have amalgam fillings have slightly elevated levels of mercury in their urine. Although the same study didn’t note any signs of mercury poisoning, this is concerning when you consider that mercury toxicity is associated with neurological and kidney damage.

The alternative to amalgam fillings is composite resin. Composite resin uses extremely fine glass fibres mixed with plastics. We focus on plastics that are BPA free. We believe that if you’re going to avoid BPA in drinking and baby bottles, you’ll want to do the same for a plastic that’s living in your body.

A dentist in Donvale that offers holistic treatments for safer cleaning

Many people love the smooth feeling that comes with a scale and polish. Although this treatment is effective at removing bacteria and plaque, its abrasive nature also means it may push bacteria further into your body.

Our approach at Holistic Dental in Donvale involves generating the same results, without pushing bacteria back into your body. Overall, this gives your immune system a chance to thrive and focus on the challenges it faces on the outside world. This is because it isn’t busy tackling influxes of bacteria from your dental treatments.

Helping your body to heal with PRF

Another popular treatment in holistic dentistry is Platelet Rich Factor (PRF) therapy. PRF involves taking a small amount of your blood and then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate your PRF from other blood products. We then inject the PRF into an area where we’ve performed dental surgery, such as after tooth extraction.

PRF features a combination of growth factors and clotting factors. By introducing them to your wound in this way, we make it easier for your body to heal. Our Donvale dentists use PRF to trigger the clotting cascade and wound healing processes, allowing you to recover from dental surgery faster than you usually would.

If the idea of holistic dentistry appeals to you, we’d love for you to learn more. To make an appointment with our Donvale dentists, call (03) 9842 6675.


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