We all know that eating sugary foods and drinks is bad for our teeth. But you may be surprised to know that some of your everyday habits are damaging your teeth.

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Brushing Your Teeth Straight After Breakfast

Of course, you don’t want to start the day without a minty white smile, but brushing your teeth immediately after eating in the morning could be doing your teeth more harm than good.

When you eat, the acid levels in your mouth rise and brushing at this stage can weaken your tooth enamel. This is particularly true if you’ve consumed acidic foods like grapefruit or orange juice.

Instead, it’s best to end your breakfast with a glass of water to wash away the acid and wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Alternatively, if time does not permit, brush your teeth before breakfast without toothpaste and use some mouthwash after breakfast.

Crunching Ice and Biting Pens

Chewing on some ice chips can be a refreshing way to cool down at the end of the day, but biting down on ice and other hard objects like pen caps can cause tiny micro-fractures in your teeth. These micro-fractures can lead to bigger fractures, which may eventually result in your tooth cracking or breaking completely.

Our holistic dental clinic in Melbourne has an easy solution for this: next time you reach for the ice, let it melt in your mouth instead of crunching it.

Brushing Too Hard or Too Many Times

Brushing your teeth after every meal is a great habit to get into, but you shouldn’t brush your teeth more than three times a day. If you’re constantly brushing your teeth, you may wear down the enamel that protects your teeth, leading to sensitive teeth that are susceptible to decay.

Brushing too hard is another common problem. This is not only hard on your teeth but can also damage your gums, causing them to recede and expose the sensitive parts of your tooth close to the gum line.

Opt for a soft-bristled brush to avoid damage to your gums and consider switching to an electric toothbrush if you have a habit of scrubbing your teeth too hard.

Snacking Frequently

If you believe it’s better to eat little and often than to eat three main meals a day, beware – your eating habits may be harming your teeth.

Every time you eat, the acid levels in your saliva rise, putting your teeth at increased levels of damage. It takes around half an hour for the acid levels in your mouth to return to normal. If you’re in the habit of grazing and nibbling all day, the acid levels in your mouth could well be high for most of the day.
Avoid eating carbohydrate-heavy snacks and sugary drinks between meals. Or if you must snack, opt for cheese, meats, or nuts. These foods help to counteract acidity in the mouth.

Always drink water after you eat to rinse food residue from the teeth and help the pH of your mouth to return to normal.

Holistic Dental Melbourne – Develop Healthy Habits for Healthy Teeth

It’s essential to be aware that many aspects of your lifestyle can affect the health of your teeth. This is why a holistic approach to dental care is so vital to ensure strong and healthy teeth.

If you’re looking for a holistic dental practice in Melbourne, or you’d like further lifestyle advice to maximise your dental health, give us a call on (03) 9842 6675.


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