Over the years, people can lose some teeth due to injury or decay and, for one reason or another, may decide not to replace them. These days, however, there is every reason to consider a replacement because of the latest technology and dental expertise. If you have an imperfect smile due to tooth loss, here’s why you should consider getting dental implants.


Some people are very self-conscious when they talk or smile if they have one or more gaps in their dentition. They may even cover their mouths with their hand subconsciously and think that there is little they can do to rectify the situation.

In this case, however, the answer may well be dental implants. They are incredibly realistic and look just like natural teeth. They’re equally as strong as your native teeth as well, and you may no longer need to worry about eating those crunchy foods again following your treatment.

The Procedure

Dentists today have access to some fantastic technology, equipment, and resources. They can use computer tech to pinpoint the perfect place to anchor any new dental implant, so the procedure has the best chance of success.

Once they have introduced the supporting post and it has had time to embed correctly, they can add a crown on top, using the latest materials. This will help to restore your bite and smile.

Additional Benefits

An implant will help to protect you against the threat of bone loss. If you have any missing teeth, then there is a risk that the surrounding alveolar bone may lose some of its strength or density. This could lead to issues with functionality, and the shape of your jawbone may become less defined. Once you have a new implant, it will stimulate the bone, and it will grow back in much the same way as it did before.

Peace of mind

You needn’t worry about the safety of your implants as they are usually well tolerated. Once you have had your dental implants in Donvale, you can expect them to last for many years, so long as you look after them properly. Brush and floss each day, and remember those regular visits to your dental hygienist.

Time for Action

Don’t delay any longer if you’ve been thinking about getting dental implants in Melbourne or Donvale. Call Holistic Dental Donvale to make an appointment now on 03 9842 6675 or visit their website.


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