Whether your child has a gummy grin, has a few open gaps where baby teeth have started falling out, or is already sporting a mouth full of beautiful pearly white teeth, dental care is important from an early age and in every stage in life beyond.

Children’s Dentistry Melbourne

Children are unique and they are your pride and joy, so we understand that finding a dental professional that not only mum and dad approve of, but that your child approves of is of the utmost importance to you. Going to the dentist can be scary for a child, but if they like who they are seeing, it is almost guaranteed to be a more pleasant experience.

Just as you do with your pediatrician, you will want to choose a dentist in Melbourne or Donvale who is experienced in children’s dentistry.

What should you look for in children’s dentistry providers in Melbourne?

Picking health and dental providers is no easy task and especially when it comes to your child. It is far different choosing someone for them than choosing one for yourself. There is a wide variety of options and you might feel overwhelmed when beginning your search.

Here are a few things to consider while you’re on the hunt for that perfect fit:

Do they have flexible techniques?

Children are not all the same and they are not your typical patient. They might not lay still like an adult or be willing to accommodate the traditional setting of a dentist’s office.

It is important that your child’s dentist has flexible techniques to accommodate whatever might be the best setup for your child. Of course, all while keeping it safe and efficient.

Does it seem kid-friendly?

Just like you would see at a pediatrician, it is important that the environment is welcoming for children. Do children’s dentistry facilities on your list have books, colourful pictures, a television or other items that might grab your child’s attention and make them feel at home?

Are they willing to educate?

This question could be pertaining to mum and dad or to the child – are they willing to explain what is going on in a way that whoever is inquiring can understand?

Of course, as a parent, you are going to be curious and want to be in the know. And your child might also demonstrate a similar level of interest.

What are they doing? Why are they doing certain things?

You want someone willing and able to answer these questions.

What questions should you ask yourself during the selection process for children’s dentistry?

We encourage our potential clients to visit us during their decision-making process. Come in for a visit and evaluate your experience afterwards with a few questions such as:

  • Were you asked for a complete medical and dental history for your child at the beginning of your visit?
  • Did the environment feel welcoming?
  • Did the dentist and staff speak to your child? How did your child respond?
  • Were they gentle but thorough with your child’s exam?
  • Did you feel properly informed of your child’s oral health at the end of the visit?

We are confident that you will find that our team is dedicated to doing what is best for your child and ensuring you both have a pleasant experience.

Learn more about us today and let us know if you have any unanswered questions we can assist with.


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