Is Milk Important for Kids’ Teeth? Advice from Your Local Kids’ Dentist in Donvale

Proper care is essential for your kid’s teeth, from the moment they break through the surface until they fall out to make way for permanent teeth at around six years of age. That means proper cleaning, checkups at your local kids’ dentist in Donvale, and ensuring your little one’s diet is tooth-friendly also. Milk is often heralded as an important part of dental health in the early childhood years, but just how important is a tall glass of milk for your kid’s teeth? Your children’s dentistry clinic in Donvale has the answer.

Why calcium is crucial for dental health at any age

Milk is loaded with calcium, which helps protect your kid’s teeth against tooth decay by strengthening the enamel. This hard outer shell is the tooth’s defence system, protecting the vulnerable inside from bacteria and decay. In addition, calcium also helps to strengthen your kid’s overall bone health, including their jawbone and teeth structure, so making sure they have enough of this essential mineral will have a range of holistic benefits.

Your children’s dentistry clinic in Donvale can advise you about your child’s calcium requirements. In general, your little one should be getting around 700 mg of calcium a day when they’re 1-3 years old, and 1,000 mg when they’re 4-8 years old. Kids aged 9-18 years should aim for 1,300 mg of calcium daily. As well as milk, you can make sure your child is getting enough calcium by incorporating calcium-rich cheese and yoghurt into their diet too.

Another key milk mineral

Milk also contains phosphorus, which plays another key role in dental health. Phosphorus helps the body absorb calcium and rebuild enamel, and so plays an essential role in keeping teeth and jaws healthy. Protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, poultry and fish are also excellent sources of this tooth-helping mineral.

Does milk contain sugar?

Technically, yes. Milk contains a sugar called lactose. However, unlike other sugars found in sweets and fizzy drinks, this type of sugar won’t cause tooth decay. You should, however, be careful to avoid milk and dairy products that contain added sugars, such as milkshakes, flavoured milk and sweetened yoghurt. If in doubt, ask your kids’ dentist in Donvale.

Children’s dentistry in Donvale

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