With the holiday season just around the corner, everyone can all look forward to the company of family and friends, joyful festivities and delightful comfort food. And speaking of food, during the holidays, there’s always an abundance of scrumptious delicacies, desserts and goodies waiting to be savoured.

While no one’s stopping you from enjoying the holidays and the delectable food that goes with it, it’s crucial to not let oral care fall to the wayside during this time. Consider the health of your teeth and gums as you go from one party to the next and drink and make merry.

To stay on top of your oral health, Holistic Dental Donvale provides the following tips on how to care for your teeth during the holiday season.

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1. Steer Clear of Desserts and Other Sweet Treats

While it may be tempting to sample every pie, cake, candied treats and other desserts that come your way, remember that sugar is the enemy of your gums and teeth. So, if you can help it, minimise your consumption of sweets – during the holiday season or otherwise.

2. Avoid Using Your Teeth to Crack Nuts and Other Hard Objects

Your teeth may seem tough, but they’re not exactly nutcrackers. So, avoid using your teeth to crack nuts open as you could end up damaging your enamel or chipping your teeth, advises our dentist in Donvale. Also, don’t use your teeth to open bottles and presents or packaging. Use a pair of scissors or box cutters instead.

3. Keep Away From Dark-coloured Beverages

It may be the season for eggnog, hot cocoa and red wine. However, limit your intake of dark-coloured beverages, as these drinks not only contain sugars but can also leave unsightly stains on your teeth. The same can be said for tea and coffee. Stick to lighter-coloured drinks and water.

4. Ensure You Stay on Top of Your Dental Appointments

Although it’s the holiday season, it’s not an excuse to cancel or postpone your visit to your dentist in Donvale. No matter how hectic your holiday schedule is, don’t skip your dental appointments.

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5. Maintain Your Daily Oral Care Routine

Your holiday to-do list may seem long – what with all the shopping, gift wrapping, driving around and attending parties that come with the holidays. However, whether you’re staying put or spending the holidays out of town, make time to floss and properly brush your teeth wherever you may be.

If you’re in dire need of some professional oral care, gift yourself with a visit to Holistic Dental Donvale.

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