A thorough and regular brushing routine is one of the most important requirements for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. At a minimum, you should be aiming to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day. And of course, the toothbrush you choose needs to be up to the job: comfortable, effective and able to tackle all those hard-to-reach areas. Confused about which shape, size or style of brush you should be reaching for? Our guide will help you find the right toothbrush for you.

Electric or manual?

If you use it correctly, a manual toothbrush will be just as effective at cleaning your teeth as an electric one. However, some people find it less of a physical effort to clean their teeth with an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes may also be a better choice for those with arthritis or mobility issues, or people with misaligned teeth, braces or orthodontic plates, for whom thorough cleaning may be more of a challenge. As long as you’re brushing your teeth thoroughly and for the required length of time, however, you should be fine with either one.

Getting the size right

When you’re buying a toothbrush, the main thing to look for is a head size that can fit easily and comfortably into your mouth while performing an effective clean. Your toothbrush head should be big enough to clean one or two teeth at a time, yet small enough to reach all of the parts of your mouth and all the surfaces of your teeth.

Toothbrush bristles

Choosing a toothbrush with the correct bristle length will help ensure a thorough clean. Look for a design with a combination of short and long bristles, which will allow you to get in between your teeth as well as clean the surfaces.

Most people should stick to soft bristles – these will still be effective at removing plaque. Medium or hard bristles, on the other hand, can cause gum problems and may even expose the tooth root over time, leading to sensitivity issues. And remember: if your toothbrush bristles are starting to look worn, frayed or beginning to splay out to the sides, you might be brushing too hard and it’s time to buy a new one.

Still not sure which toothbrush to buy?

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