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The energy drinks market in Australia is massive. The leading companies spend millions of dollars per year to get their message across — and they are very successful. Unfortunately, while these drinks may be tasty, they are not very good for your teeth. And if you rely on one (or more) of these to get you through your day, you may be setting yourself up for trouble.

Limiting Sugar

In an ideal world, you should limit the amount of processed sugar in your diet. The World Health Organisation suggests no more than 55 grams per day for the average adult. And, to protect yourself as much as possible, you should read the label and be aware of the sugar content of each item of food or drink you consume. If you look at the label on that energy drink, you may notice as much as 27 grams or more in one serving.

Problems Ahead

An excessive amount of sugar in your diet can wreak havoc with your dentition. It’ll start to wear away the enamel that protects each tooth, and unless you’re very careful to brush your teeth properly after each drink, decay can occur.

Energy drinks tend to be very acidic and, with daily consumption, can exacerbate any existing conditions. When the enamel wears down, bacteria can penetrate and cause sensitivity or inflammation. With time, the gums may start to recede or bleed, leading to gingivitis or even periodontitis.

Mounting a Defence

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible, you should consume plenty of water at the same time as the energy drink to cut down the potential for damage. Few people are likely to do this, however. In every case, make sure that you schedule dental cleaning sessions regularly. During your appointment, the hygienist will have a good look around and spot any early signs of damage. They will also advise if they feel that you may be consuming too many energy drinks.

Temptation Everywhere

Young people, in particular, like to consume these drinks to give them a boost, or simply because it is “cool.” That advertising message is everywhere, and it is no surprise that these energy drinks are so prevalent in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia.

Taking Action

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